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lets talk sex

lets talk sex

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 This one was hard for me to accept because I don't like to think I have favorites when it comes to sex but it turns out I do have favorites . I guess everyone does when it comes to sex . 
i don't always know I like something 

I definitely have things I don't like and i seem to know what i don't like before i know i do like something . OK so if i had a play date and everything went well .i would be like OK i would do that again but to say i like something you have to  make an impression . how ever if i had a play date and it was all fumbley and awkward i would know i don't like that . I still would have to try it again though just to make sure i was right about not liking it the first time . I think that makes me a weirdo i'm not sure .  so tell me if you knew you didn't like having sex with someone after the first time would you do it again?  

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