Friday, April 24, 2020

My water is Tainted

the  ph of hair skin and nails is between 4.5 and 5.5 

these are results of the water test done by my water company

the ph of hair skin and nails is between 4.5 and 5.5 

these say the ph of my water is not neutral but 7.89 

 not to mention the bacteria and every thing else

this is not a normal skin reaction to honey that right just honey

this is just Grose 

these are not healthy  nails

this is not healthy skin

this is very painful 

 and has become so expensive

and yet it doesn't matter

this is  a  ph. test. I performed this test on the sink water , shower water and my self
This is not the results

of healthy water, or a healthy person. 
My water seems to be alive, and it fights back when you attempt to boil it.  
when u boil clean water on a clean stove the result is a clean stove and hot water when you boil my water the result is a very dirty stove and dirty water with things dead in it.
 This the truth! I can prove everything. not one soul wants to listen or help me. I simply don't matter, or I am too small to bother with
now I am too sick to do anything and I have not been able to see my children since before Christmas because of this and I can only hope that someone reading this can make enough noise that it will matter. I am afraid that this water will kill me before that happens. 
unfortunately, I have this terrible feeling. I never get to see my boys   again 
I am so tired and so sick . and so insignificant. Anyone who reads my blog knows how little faith I have in humankind so again.
  I dare you to prove me wrong. 
tainted water is not just a 3 world issue it is heard in the USA  and we are just ignoring it! why! shame and we should be ashamed!
I believe this is worth note pics shown in this article are the least disturbing I could find and get my point across.

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