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what are yours
Romance Is important to relationships yes or no ? 
I am not the kind of girl who need all 
that I prefer A good lay who has a life
but most don't agree.
The average girl is going to say yes she wants you to send  those flowers who have more right to live then we do and yet we kill them
 to get laid.  its OK though I am not average. I am very much the odd duck. you will see . subscribe to my feed so you can watch the crazy happen .
This was supposed to be about romance but i am not very romantic i I guess I like to get to the good parts, you know why go through the extras if they are not necessary? well turns out they are even for me
the human condition being what it is.
we need the extras to build that great orgasm . I have learned to accept this with age. I still find it tedious going through the extras. when i do the extras the pay off is amazing.
 so what do you think romance yes or no ? well yes i guess
what do you think?

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