Back to work


as most of you know I love to paint.
almost as much as sex!
but I am so bored.
I believe that I am ready to get back to work so Hear we go 
I will only be working at the weekends, for now, Friday and Saturday nights.
I think that it is past time for me and the country to get back to work too.
There is ALWAYS going to be a reason not to .ie covd19
 If we let this little virus will take out the USA and
There will be a special place in hell for all of us
to allowing this beautiful country to fall apart.
 so as for me Its a case of show and tell and I hope the rest of the country follows suit. 
because yes scared people are dangerous and scared people who are board riot when the drugs run out very soon. 
there will be no controlling it.
Back to work America!

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