Tuesday, April 14, 2020


We seem to have reached a time when loyalty honor respect is worth more than gold.

What if we had RESPECT for ourselves and our family neighbors ex: IE: hoarders I hate hoarders. you know you don't need all that and when all this is over you have been eaten by your neighbor. You are going to regret not having them over for dinner.
These are hard times I will agree to that. 
with hard times in mind. We have no right to take more than we could ever need and give nothing in return the karmic scales always have to reach a balance.
 What I am trying to say is go ahead and hord your food and toilet paper and sell it to the next guy for 100$. Just remember karma is a bitch. She is crafty and has a sick sense of humor. I can't wait to see what she has in store for you.
   I myself will do what I can to make it better for the next generation.  They are the only thing that makes life worth living. 
    I have around 9 heartbeats, sorry my sister just had a baby make that 10 heartbeats. I care deeply for that I would do anything for and to be perfectly honest my generation is fucked we were never meant to inherit the earth.
       Our children if we are careful and don't impose our fucked morels and way of thinking. 
They could prevail where we have obviously failed.
 Take care of the children. Teach them to work for what they get because a burger tastes so much better when u have paid for it yourself. 
   Respect them so they learn to respect themselves and others you must teach this it is a skill that must be learned. listen and understand them. I learn so much from just listing to my sons they are smarter than I am.  I would be stupid not to listen if we do these things they will grow to be the future that we should have been. the only thing we have left is to try not to repeat the cycle. remember that they are always watching you and they look up to you and it wouldn't hurt for all of us to remember that the children will be the one who picks out our nursing home's that is those of us who have not been eaten by our neighbors. you must give to receive this is especially true with respect and to have the respect of a child is an honor that should not be taken lightly. 

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